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Common Questions About Our H2o Service:

H2o Wireless

Call 814-676-5000 and a representative will walk you through further instructions.

GRex Wireless offers FREE activation with the purchase of an AT&T phone at our store, only $30 fee per line for using your own AT&T device.

How long do h2o Monthly Plans Last?
30 Days

How long does it take to Port your current phone number to our service?

It can take anywhere from 10mins to 24hrs (depending on your current carrier) During this time, your previous service should still remain active until the porting process is completed.

  1. Remove battery from your cell phone.
  2. Place SIM into the cell phone’s SIM cardholder with the gold square facing down and positioned so the metallic face of the SIM is lined up with and touching the metal contacts on the phone.
  3. Close the cell phone’s SIM cardholder until it clicks
  4. Replace the battery and battery cover
  5. Turn on your cell phone
  6. If installation is successful, “H2O” may appear on your device’s display.
  7. If "Insert SIM Card", "Check SIM", "SOS Only", or "Unregistered SIM" appears in the phone’s display, remove the SIM and re-insert as instructed above. If re-installation is unsuccessful, please email Customer Service at or call 814-676-5000.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number given to every mobile phone and is located behind the battery on the phone itself.

 How can I get my balance directly on my mobile phone?

To get your balance directly on your mobile phone, dial *777*1# and press .

What's not included in Monthly Unlimited Plans?

Additional services such as direct dialing to 411 directory assistance and international calls, incidentals and premium messaging services are not included.

Can I send international text messages using my H2O® Wireless phone?

Yes, with our Month Plans $40 & $60 you can send international text messages. You can send 100 outgoing international text messages and unlimited incoming international text messages.
For a limited time only, you can send UNLIMITED international text messages under our $50 Month Plan.

It’s only the middle of the month but I have used all my allowance for International Talk credit. What can I do for the remainder of the month to call my family overseas?

You will need to Contact Customer at 1-800-643-4926 and request to purchase additional International Talk Credit.