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We offer a full service prepaid Nationwide phone experience. All you have to do is pay your bill.
We do the rest. Its as easy as that.

Now offering AUTOMATIC MONTHLY BILLING for your prepaid phone service.

Click Here  To Sign Up For Automatic Monthly Billing. Its easy and quick. Fill out your contact info and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hrs to finish setting up your auto billing account. 

Choose the prepaid plan you would like to renew: 
Renewed plans are added to your account within 3 business hours of receiving your cleared payment. To renew your service quicker please call 814-676-5000 during business hours and a live representative will take your payment over the phone instantly. 

Call center hours of operation:
Mon-Fri   9 - 6pm 
Sat         10 - 5pm
Sunday   12 - 4pm

Attention: After making a payment on our website please send us an email at and include your name and phone number that you want your payment applied to.

Mifi Internet Hotspot Service
Now Offering Mifi
Internet Service
Mifi internet hotspot boxes are mobile and allow up to 12 connections at a time. We offer two different carriers for our Mifi services.

Carrier one uses the Verizons network. It comes with 30GB of high speed 4g LTE coverage

Carrier two uses the AT&T network. It comes with unlimited high speed 4g LTE coverage. 

Renewal of Verizon Network Mifi with 30GB of High Speed Data


Renewal of AT&T network Mifi for 30 days with 30Gb of High Speed Data


*All prepaid phones are charged state sales tax of 6% along with a non taxed state mandated 911 surcharge of $1.65 per plan. During checkout you will see that charge under shipping and handling. 

PagePlus Uses Verizons Phones and Towers

* RENEWAL NOTICE: Once a month, on your renewal date, if you are on the PagePlus service, you MAY experience a 3 hour service interruption between 12:01am - 6:00am Eastern Time on the night of your renewal. This is a scheduled/normal service interruption once per month while your line renews. Out of 744 hours in a month, this is equivalent to .4% of downtime. If this is a problem for you please contact GRex Wireless at 814-676-5000 and we can discuss other renewal options for you.
PagePlus $59 Unl. Talk, Text, and Data
PagePlus $44 Unlimited Talk n Text & data, first 8GB at high speed
PagePlus $34 Unl Talk n Tex plus 3GB of data
PagePlus 16Plan 500min, 500text, 100mb of data
PagePlus $10 for 100 minutes. Minutes never expire with 120 day refill.
PagePlus $25 for 400 minutes. Minutes never expire with 120 day refills.
PagePlus $50 for 1,000 minutes. Minutes never expire with 120 refills.
PagePlus $80 for 2,000 minutes. Minutes last for 365 days.
$9 International Calling Card
Selectel Uses Verizons Phones and Towers
Selectel $60 Unlimited Talk n Text Plus 22GB of Data
Selectel $50 Unlimited Talk, Text & 10GB of Data
Selectel $40 Unlimited Talk, Text & 7GB of Data
Selectel $30 Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1GB of Data
Selectel $25 4G Value Plan, 5,000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 100mb of data.
Selectel $15 4G Value Plan. 500 Minutes, Unlimited Text, 100MB of Data.
Yearly Plan 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts. Time expires after 1 year

H2o Uses AT&T Phones and Towers

H2o $64 Unlimited + Hotspot Get Talk,Text & Data / first 30gb high speed
H2o $54 Unlimited Talk,Text & Data / First 15gb high speed
H2o $44 Unlimited Talk,Text & Data / First 10gb high speed
h2o $34 Unlimited Talk & Text Plus 5gb of Data for 30 days.
H2o $24 Unlimited Talk & Text Plus 1GB of High Speed Data
h2o $25 1000mins or Text or 250 pic or 80mb for 30days
h2o $10 200mins,$0.05 to send & receive; $0.30/MB 90days
h2o $20 400mins, $0.05 to send & receive Tex; $0.30/MB 90days
h2o $30 600mins,$0.05 to send & receive; $0.30/MB 90days
h2o $100 2000mins,$0.05 to send & receive;$0.30/MB 1YEAR
h2o $10 Data Card adds 200MB of DATA to your Plan & expires when your Plan expires